Assurant Life of Canada is becoming TruStage Life of Canada

As we officially transition to TruStage, policyholders will maintain the same policy coverage, benefits, exceptional levels of customer support and service they’ve always experienced. TruStage is committed to ensuring a seamless transition and to being here for you when it matters most.

Assurant Funeral Protection
We offer two insurance-funded, interest-earning products — Preneed Funeral Insurance and Final Expense Insurance — that help you preplan and finance your funeral to varying degrees. Both help ensure your wishes are honoured without burdening your loved ones emotionally and financially during their time of grief.
Also delivered under the name Canada Purple Shield.

Assurant Policy
Funeral Insurance

With an Assurant Funeral Insurance Policy, you get to decide exactly how and where you’d like your end of life to be honoured. From the type of memorial to the casket preference, you choose the details ahead of time so that your loved ones don't have to make those important decisions.

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Complete Coverage

You’ll establish a detailed contract with the licensed funeral home of your choice.

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Custom Policy

Assurant will build your policy around that contract and base the value on the specific details outlined within.

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Concierge Service

We’ll work directly with the funeral home and manage your claim without troubling your loved ones.

Assurant Policy
Final Expense Insurance

With an Assurant Final Expense Policy, you work with a licensed agent to create an end-of-life plan. This plan outlines your wishes, but leaves the specific details to your loved ones.

  • Once we’ve created your end-of-life plan together, we’ll conduct a needs analysis and suggest a policy value based on the estimated cost of meeting your needs. After reviewing this estimate, you get the final say on the value of your policy.
  • We’ll release policy funds to your beneficiaries for them to use as they see fit.

An Assurant Funeral Protection Plan offers you and your loved ones a number of benefits.

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Peace of mind

Communicate your wishes, set aside funds and stop worrying about how your loved ones are going to handle your end of life tasks.

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Tax-free benefits

Assurant Funeral Protection can become a tax-free benefit when used to fund an Eligible Funeral Arrangement with a licensed funeral provider in Canada.

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Dignity and control

Prepare an end of life plan now and you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll get to reach your final resting place in accordance with your specific wishes.

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Financial protection

The funds you invest in your Assurant Funeral Protection Plan are protected. That means nursing homes, lawyers and estate administrators can’t touch them.

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Speedy processing

We process our claims without probate or unnecessary delays, which means your family will get immediate financial relief, often within 24 hours.

Assurant Executor Protection
When you ask a family member or close friend to act as your executor, you’re honouring them with your trust. You’re also asking them to take on a large and complex responsibility, which is a lot to ask of someone who’s grieving. With Assurant Executor Protection, you help minimize the financial and administrative burden on your executor so that they can take care of your needs without having to neglect their own.

Assurant Policy
Assurant Executor Protection

  • Assurant will conduct a needs analysis and recommend a policy value based on monthly expenses and other financial considerations your executor will be responsible for.
  • Your executor will receive the policy benefit right away, so that immediate estate costs can be covered even if your bank accounts are frozen.

An Assurant Executor Protection Plan offers your executor and beneficiaries a number of benefits.

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Peace of mind

Assurant Executor Protection gives your Executor the resources and services they need to administer your estate with minimal stress.

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Speedy processing

Your Executor will receive a payout almost immediately, enabling them to fulfill their duties with greater ease.

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Financial protection

The funds in your Assurant Executor Protection Plan may be protected, which means nursing homes, lawyers, and other parties can’t touch them.

Whether you opt for Assurant Funeral Protection or Assurant Executor Protection

  • You can pay for your policy upfront, or make monthly, quarterly or annual payments for 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, depending on how old you are when the policy is issued.
  • Your claim will be honored in full no matter how many payments you've made at the time of your death.
  • Applying is easy — no medical exam required!

Enhance your Policy
Want greater protection? For more coverage, supplement your policy with these add-ons.

Assurant Policy
Assurant Travel Protection

If you’re more than 100 km from home when you pass away, Assurant will make sure your remains are returned home safely and quickly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re out of town or out of the country. All your family member or executor has to do is give us a call and we’ll take care of the details.

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Assurant will handle all paperwork, including consular documentation if the insured dies outside Canada.

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Transportation back home

We’ll transport the deceased to a funeral establishment near the place of death so that they can be prepared for transportation back home.

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Transport travelling companion

We’ll arrange transportation for one travelling companion to return home with the deceased.

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Next of Kin

We’ll arrange to transport one next-of-kin to travel to the place of death and accompany the deceased back home.

Assurant Policy
Assurant Final Documents Service and Identity Theft Restoration

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Final Documents Service

Processing final documents is no easy task. We’ll make it easier for your family member or executor by preparing all of the necessary documents efficiently while maximizing government and corporate benefits. Our Final Documents Service includes:

  • An assessment of more than 300 items (Government applications, pensions, memberships, etc.) to determine what paperwork needs to be completed
  • Handling of all paperwork, including consular documentation if the insured dies outside of Canada
  • A customized package guiding your family member or executor through the signing of all prepared documents
  • Ongoing support to assist your family or executor for a full year following a death
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Identity Theft Restoration

Identity theft isn’t only a concern for the living. If your passport, driver's license or other form of identity is stolen after you die, your entire estate could be compromised. If your family member or executor suspects fraud, Assurant will take the necessary steps to restore your credit. This service includes:

  • An investigation into all fraudulent accounts on the insured’s credit profile and liaison with police, federal law enforcement and Service Canada, as required
  • Issuing fraud alerts to national bureaus and the deceased’s credit file, and restoration of credit accuracy with national credit bureaus
  • Management of notifications to the Passport Office, financial institutions, utilities, Canada Revenue Agency, Provincial health plans, etc.
  • Ongoing support until your family or executor confirms that the issue has been resolved

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